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Patch 1.05 kommt erst nächste Woche
Leider wird der kommende Patch für C&C 3 TW erst nächste Woche erscheinen, da es doch einige unerwartete Komplikationen gab. Apoc äußerte sich nun im offziellen Forum zu dem neuen Releasedate.

To that extent, I know we initially said \"later this month\", but we have had to test this patch to infinity and beyond to ensure it is 10000% clean, especially because of its size. The last thing we want to do is release a patch that affects your game negatively and does not simply fully enhance it in a 100% technical manner. We were on track to release patch 1.05 in late-May, however, last week we hit some technical snags before the Memorial Day Holiday weekend which set us back a number of business testing days within our QA department. This was not our intent but had we released patch 1.05 with these issues, it would not have been a very positive situation.

Because of this, we are moving the patch 1.05 release to next week. A little producer bird tells me the 1st half of the week is the better case scenario, but as all things go, we\'ll keep you posted. We feel very confident on release next week. Our QA department is about to sign off (barring the Apolocalypse) and then the patch will be put through the final CQC and ECG approval routes (they are just a final testing gate that any EA game or patch must go through). Standard testing fare as always.

Quelle: EA C&C 3 TW Forum

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