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DayZ Standalone Fishing Guide

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DayZ Standalone Fishing Guide

Fishing has finally made it into DayZ – giving you the ability to fend for yourself in the wilderness with nothing more than a fishing rod and a fireplace. You no longer have to scrounge from town to town looking for canned goods to survive – all you need are a few items to get started and you’re all set to catch your first fish.

For the Fishing Rod You will need:

An Axe to collect ashwood sticks (you can also just find ashwood sticks as regular loot)
A Fishing hook
A Rope
A Shovel or a Hoe to dig up earthworms
For the Fire and preperation you will need:

An axe to collect sticks and wood (you can also just find sticks and wood as regular loot)
A Pickaxe to collect stones (you can also just find stones as regular loot)
A knife (kitchen knife, combat knife or bayonet)
Bandages or Rags
Matches to light the fire

A Gas Canister
A Gas Stove
A Frying Pan or Cooking Pot
A knife (kitchen knife, combat knife or bayonet)
Ok, so you have your items and you are starting to get hungry! Let’s get right to it.

Step 1

First you’re going to have to collect an ‘ashwood stick’. You have two options; find an ashwood stick at a regular loot spawn or use your axe and chop down an ashwood tree. Chopping down an ashwood tree is probably an easier option – they look like very short trees with pale, whiteish wood and far-reaching branches. (view the image below).


The humble ashwood tree, in all it’s glory.

Once you have your ‘ashwood stick’ you need to combine it with a rope. You will get two options – make either an Improvised Ashwood Bow or an Improvised Fishing Rod. Make the Fishing Rod. The next step is getting some bait. You need to equip either a shovel or a hoe, go into first-person mode, look at any grassy patch of ground and select ‘dig up worms’. It may take you a few tries, but eventually you’ll get some worms. You may want to collect between 6-12 worms.

Now you need to attach your worms to your shiny fishing hook, simply combine the two in your inventory and you have a fishing hook ready to equip to your fishing rod!

Step 2 – Catch Some Fish!

Take your freshly made fishing rod, with the fishing hook and bait attached and equip it in your hands. Now you need to go into first-person mode again, approach the edge of a pond and look for the ‘start fishing’ option. Click ‘start fishing’ and your player will cast the line into the pond. now you need to wait, you will see two options in your scroll-wheel menu: ‘Check the bait’ and ‘pull out”. You need to continuously ‘check the bait’ on your fishing line. You will notice that over time, the message in the lower-left corner of the screen changes. It will change from:

‘I sense no movement near the bait’

‘There is some movement near the bait’

‘Something is cautiously examining the bait’

‘Something has just bit the bait!’

As soon as you see the red message ‘Something has just bit the bait!’ it is time to hit the ‘pull out’ option. If you don’t do it quickly enough, you will fail. If you time it right, you will catch something. You will see the loot in your ‘vicinity’ option – sometimes it’s a nice tasty fish and sometimes it is junk loot like a pair of wellies. Each time you catch something, your bait is lost so you’ll need to make sure you have a lot of worms if you plan on doing any serious amount of fishing.

Step 3 – Fireplace and Cooking!

Now that you have yourself a raw fish you will need to fillet it with your knife .This should give you two ‘fish fillets’ and your fillets are ready for cooking.


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