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DayZ Standalone Hunting & Cooking Guide

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DayZ Standalone Hunting & Cooking Guide

One of the most important aspects of DayZ has finally arrived. Hunting, Cooking and Fishing is finally in the game – meaning players no longer have to jump from town to town in order to find enough canned goods to survive. Hunting is relatively straight forward at the moment, all the animals currently in-game (rabbit, goat, deer, boar) are just place-holders and the animal AI is not yet complete, meaning it’s really easy to kill them. They will try to avoid you but you will quickly find that they aren’t very successful. In order to get started, you’re going to need a few items.

You will need:

An Axe to collect sticks and wood (you can also just find sticks and wood as regular loot)
A Pickaxe to collect stones (you can also just find stones as regular loot)
A weapon to hunt with
A knife (kitchen knife, combat knife or bayonet)
Bandages or Rags
Matches to light the fire

A Gas Canister
A Gas Stove
A Frying Pan or Cooking Pot
Ok, so you have your items and you are starting to get hungry! Let’s get right to it.

Step 1

You need to locate some animals. This should be easy enough, right now they are pretty abundant and you shouldn’t have to stray too far from a town to bump into some sort of animal. Once you’ve found your prey, go ahead and kill it. You can kill it with a gun, a melee weapon or even your bare hands.

When your prey is dead, you need to approach the corpse with your knife and you will get the option to ‘skin and quarter’ the animal. Doing so will give you a pelt, and some raw meat. You can eat the raw meat as it is but it will make you sick.

Step 2 – Fireplace

Now hat you have some raw meat you will want to start your fire. It’s fairly simple to get started. You had better collect some wood if you haven’t done so already. Swinging your axe at a tree will get you some ‘firewood’. You can then split this firewood in your inventory into 3 wooden sticks. You can also find sticks on the forest floor, or even swing your axe at a bush to produce them. You’ll need both ‘firewood’ and ‘wooden sticks’ to get started. First you need to make a ‘fireplace kit’. You can do this by combining ‘rags’ or ‘bandages’ with ‘wooden sticks’.

Once you have a fireplace kit, you can safely drop it on the ground and you will see the beginnings of your fireplace on the ground in front of you. In order to get it going, you will need to add some ‘firewood’. Within the inventory screen, you will see the fireplace kit has some free slots on it. Drop some ‘firewood’ into one of the free slots and you will see the fire starting to take shape. You can go ahead a light it now by equipping matches in your hand and selecting ‘light fire’ over the fireplace.

Step 3 – Get Cooking

You now have a lit fire! You can now cook meat on the fire but you can also upgrade the fireplace into a makeshift oven. What you need to do is add a ‘stone’ to one of the loot spots on the fireplace. This will ‘upgrade’ the fireplace into a makeshift oven. The benefits of the oven over the fireplace are currently unclear but it’s most likely to do with the burning of meat. Now you are ready to add your meat! The makeshift oven will have a few open slots, add as much meat as you like to these slots and you will see it slowly start to turn red. The meat cooks in real-time and it’s very easy to over-cook or burn your meat – so keep a close eye on it and remove it from the slot as soon as you see it is cooked. You can still eat burnt meat but the quality of the meat is questionable!


Another Method – Cooking with Gas!

There is another method to get a fire going which is slightly easier but requires different items. For this method you’ll need to find a ‘gas canister’ and a ‘gas stove’. Simply combine the two items to get a ‘gas cooker’. You can then place this gas cooker on the ground and select the ‘light cooker’ option while standing over it. You will see the stove is now turned on and it’s ready for you to place either a frying pan or a cooking pot onto. Once you’ve done this, you can right click on the container on the ground and place your meat inside. Cooking in this way is exactly the same as cooking on a makeshift oven, you need to keep a close eye on the meat to make sure it doesn’t burn.


This method definitely has it’s advantages as once you have cooked your meat you can turn off the gas stove, pick it up again and take it with you on your travels through Chernarus!


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