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Ich würde hier gerne einen Thread aufbauen in dem man Kombinationen oder nützliche Blöcke / Strukturen zum Besten geben kann...

Einleitend kommen die Links zu allen beteiligten Mods damit man hier schnell mal nach der Funktionsweise etc. der Blöcke schaun kann...

Hier nochmal der Link zu Marv's Google Doc

Archimedes' Ships

Archimedes' Ships allows the player to create custom multi-block ships that move smoothly as a unit. The heart of the mod is the Ship's Helm. All blocks touching the Ship's Helm, excepting certain naturally-occurring blocks including water and grass, will become a part of the ship when the Ship's Helm is right-clicked. This will also cause the player to mount the ship.


Backpack is a compact storage which can be carried by a player. Normal Backpacks have 27 slots available (the same amount as a Chest). If a player uses a dye when crafting a Backpack, it will result in a coloured Backpack, making it easier to distinguish Backpacks used for different items and blocks.


BiblioCraft is a mod which adds a number of useful blocks, that are aesthetically pleasing and are used to display items and equipment. Most of these blocks allow quick and easy access to the items displayed on them, providing an excellent way for using them, while simultaneously freeing up storage space, when they are not needed anymore.

Biomes O' Plenty

Biomes O' Plenty is a mod which introduces 80 new biomes and 12 sub-biomes to the game, many of which have new blocks, mobs and biome-specific plants compared to vanilla world.
This mod also adds more variance to tools and armor, new equipment and plants and food, new sources of color, new ranged weapon and some other engaging blocks to build with.This mod is also compatible with Mystcraft, as most of the biomes (with few exceptions) can be found as pages.


The Erebus is a stand alone mod to the sandbox construction game, Minecraft.This mod adds a whole new dimension to Minecraft along with its own blocks, mobs, items and even music.


When a player dies, a grave will pop up, containing a small honor message, your name and the items you have lost on death.

A grave will ALWAYS appear, no matter what. If you die above or in lava, the grave will search for any close solid block to spawn on. look in trivia section for more info on grave spawning

Hardcore Ender Expansion

Hardcore Ender Expansion is a Minecraft mod, which offers unique, new content across the End dimension. The dragon became a truly challenging boss with a great reward, but the adventure doesn't end there. The End is no longer just an island. Go investigate unique ores, battle new mobs, travel to new biomes, the mod is filled with adventure!

Hunger Overhaul

HungerOverhaul is a mod which tweaks hunger mechanics, making it a challenge rather than a minor problem. Features include:
Rebalanced food replenishment values
Food from other mods nerfed (1/4 of food value & saturation)
Tooltips on food
New GUI text shown when low on health/hunger
Maximum stack size depends on hunger value of food
Eating speed depends on food value
Eating food gives a 'Well Fed' effect that boosts health regen
Crops take much longer to grow if planted in the wrong biome
Seeds now have tooltips that indicate the correct biomes to plant in
Crops can be right clicked when fully grown to harvest and replant
Crops only grow during daytime (not in torchlight)
Crops take much longer to grow
Crops only give back the planted seeds (extra seeds can be obtained by punching grass)
Hunger value set on respawn (including initial spawn) dependant on difficulty
Low hunger gives negative effects
Hunger loss and healing rate affected by difficulty
Players die instantly when hunger reaches zero

Ice and Shadow I Enter Nyx

Survival Mod

Magical Crops

"Ever get bored of mining for resources all the time? Want a new way of collecting them? Magical Crops gives you the ability to grow your own resources with all of the mod compatibility you could want! Grow Diamonds, Coal, Emeralds or even Experience! It even has seeds to get all of your mob drops!! Now go and create a vast farm for all your needs!"
Magical Crops is a mod that adds several different crops, block and items to minecraft. The crops can be used for food or for growing special essence that can be turned into items and precious metals.
The terrain generation in Magical Crops is Essence Ore, which after being mined drops Essence Dust. Essence Dust can also be farmed by planting Essence Seeds and waiting until the plant it mature.
Most food seeds can be found the same way vanilla seeds can be found, by breaking tallgrass and shrubs.


Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things.
It can also be about adventuring with friends or watching the sun rise over a blocky ocean. It’s pretty. Brave players battle terrible things in The Nether, which is more scary than pretty. You can also visit a land of mushrooms if it sounds more like your cup of tea.
You can buy Minecraft for PC/Mac here, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition on the XBLA Marketplace, and Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition on the Playstation Network. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is available for iOS and Android.
Minecraft is coming out for Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Xbox One soon, but we don't have release dates for those versions yet.

Mutant Creatures

This is a very neat mod that adds a whole new dynamic to mobs in Minecraft. It allows for rare but random spawns of mutated mobs. To spawn one manually this mod also adds a new potion, Chemical X, which when thrown at a mob will either mutate or kill it.

The mutations are both physical and in abilities. Each new mutant is now significantly stronger and has new, more powerful attacks. They could be considered boss mobs now and would probably work exceptionally well if implemented in an adventure mode game.

Nether X

NetherX is a large mod made to add more challenges - and rewards - to The Nether, but keeping it feeling like vanilla. Features include new Nether dungeons, Nether biomes, ores, mobs, tools, and more.

Pam's Harvestcraf Base

Pam's HarvestCraft is a mod by MatrexsVigil that was included by JadedCat in Magic Farm Modpack. This mod adds different seeds, plants and new food items that can be found in the world, eaten by players and crafted using specific recipes. This mod also changes the farming functionality of many of the vanilla crops, changing both farming mechanics and global game goals.

Project Zulu

Project Zulu is a fairly large mod that attempts to add flavor by adding unique mobs, blocks, and structures to each Minecraft Biome. Along with all that, this mod adds new armors and more tamable mobs.

Items from Project Zulu are generally characterized by their not-as-detailed sprite and 2-D appearance.

Teleporation Stones

Envious of those server users with their custom waypoints? Need to get home in a hurry? Found a neat cave system, need to head home, but don't want to forget it's location? If any of these apply to you, then this mod is for you!

The Farlanders

This mod adds more Ender creatures to the game allowing the player to have more choices to trade, tame and enemies to battle. There is also a new village, armor, weapons and a couple more structures for you to find

Twillight Forest

Twilight Forest is a mod that adds a new dimension of the same name. As the name implies, the Twilight Forest is densely forested and in a perpetual twilight; the normal day-night cycle is suspended. An overstory of larger trees further shades most of the world below. The canopy is pierced only occasionally by massive trees that rise to the ceiling of the world. The terrain is flatter, or at least less mountainous than regular Minecraft, but featuring occasional hills, sometimes rising far above the canopy level. These hills are hollow, containing caves filled with valuable ores, treasure and dangerous monsters.
In addition to the new dimension, this mod also adds dungeons and bosses, as well as a number of new items, trees, and numerous mobs.

Thirst Mod

This mod adds a thirst bar above your health bar. The thirst bar depletes at a rate a little faster hunger. Just like the hunger bar, you slowly lose health when your thirst bar has completely depleted.
Many tweaking and modifications will be done on the rate of dehydration, ways of rehydration and the amount of water each way of rehydration gives.

Weather and Tornados

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Ich geb meine lächerlichen Minecart-Versuche auf, un probier mich derweil lieber an:
Tech World 2. Want to create massive factories or giant power plants? No time for wands and wizardry? This mod pack is for you. All tech no magic.

:D Gigantischer Fullsize-Atomreaktor mit Steam-Turbines here I come!

Insanity is the logical conclusion of any sane mortal.
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back to the roots!!! keine macht den maschinen :P

handarbeit macht muckis und verhindert die ausrottung durch terminatoren!!

Zuletzt modifiziert von dp.Monochrom am 26.04.2014 - 10:30:27

Einmal dachte ich, ich hätte unrecht. Aber ich hatte mich ausnahmsweise getäuscht.
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 Zitat von dp.Monochrom
Kannste bitte nen überhitzten Atomreaktor in meine Base stellen?

Wenns unbedingt sein muss...

Insanity is the logical conclusion of any sane mortal.
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 Zitat von dp.Wofu

ich liebe mutant creepers!!

kein problem;) ich bring dir welche vorbei

Einmal dachte ich, ich hätte unrecht. Aber ich hatte mich ausnahmsweise getäuscht.
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