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Habe mich zur Beta angemeldet und würde gerne dies mit dem einen oder anderen testen, sofern Interesse besteht. Die Features klingen recht interessant.

Riots statement derzeit:

"This is actually something we've been discussing lately ourselves. Currently we've not taken an official stance on the use of Curse Voice, but we do find it an interesting application. Rest assured, we're aware of the polarizing effects it's had on parts of the community lately and are keeping an open mind. We're taking our time to make sure we make decisions that are the best for the community, as the more information we make available through systems such as our new API, the more that creative tools like this that are developed by the community will arise."


und Antwort auf Nachricht:

Random Lol-User:
"Personally however, I rather enjoy the timers as I'm simply not at a skill level to keep track of those things effectively in my head, and it saves me from having a watch or notepad sitting next to my keyboard. :)"

Riot Sargonas:
"Indeed, that is why we are taking our time to thoroughly think about how we approach this, and are also paying close attention to how the community feels as well as involving the design team. It's clearly a very polarizing topic and this is slightly new territory, and what we do will set a precedent. As the manager of the team who handles our partnerships with third party developers, I just wanted to drop by the thread and let everyone know this was something that was indeed on our radar. We've seen a lot of threads about this in recent days and I felt it was important to make sure you guys knew we were aware of it's importance to you, even though we've not developed a policy around it yet."



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